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Prof. Dr. Michael Loewe

Sinologist Michael Loewe taught at the University of Cambridge until 1990.

Michael Loewe is the doyen in the Western world of research into the history of the Han Dynasty (207 BC-25 AD). His works have laid the foundation for all discourse concerning this epoch. Among other publications, he edited the first volume of the Cambridge History of Chinese along with Dennis Twitchett. He has recently written a follow-up volume to this work in cooperation with Michael Nylan, in which the latest data on Chinese archeology have been incorporated to their full extent. Lately, Michael Loewe has been focusing his attentions principally on the Confucianism of the early Han period.

In July 2012, Michael Loewe will be a guest in Munich having been invited by Prof. Dr. Hans van Ess (CAS Senior Researcher in Residence 2011/12).