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Prof. Marc Lerner, PhD

Marc Lerner has been Associate Professor of History at the University of Mississippi since 2005.

His specialist research area is 19th century Europe, which he is examining from a comparative perspective. In his current research project, "The Uses of the William Tell Story as a Republican Symbol during the Age of Revolution", he is investigating the cultural works of several European countries which used the story of William Tell to discuss republican politics and revolutionary change without threatening the status quo or breaking censorship laws.

In March 2012, Marc Lerner has been invited by Dr. Heléna Tóth to attend the CAS as a visiting fellow. During his visit, he will participate in a workshop which is taking place as part of the young talent network "Transatlantic Revolutionary Cultures". On 25 April, he is giving a lecture entitled "Thomas von Aquin über Traurigkeit, Trost und Wohlwollen" and on 19 June on the topic of "The Travelling William Tell: An Aspect of Trans-Atlantic Revolutionary Culture".