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Prof. Thomas Kohut, Ph.D.

Thomas Kohut is Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III Professor of History at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Kohut has written two books: A German Generation: An Experiential History of the Twentieth Century (New Haven: Yale University Press; 2012); Wilhelm II and the Germans: A Study in Leadership (New York: Oxford University Press, 1991). He has also published articles on a number of historical and psychological topics: including the German humorist, Wilhelm Busch; letters from German soldiers at Stalingrad; and psychohistory, history, and psychoanalysis.

Thomas Kohut is a Visiting Fellow in June 2020 upon invitation from Prof. Dr. Matthias Siebeck in the context of the CAS research focus "Global Health".

Toghether with Prof. Dr. Claudia Olk and Prof. Dr. Matthias Siebeck he organizes the workshop on "Empathy – Approaches from Literature, History and Medicine" which takes place on 25 June 2020.