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Irene Hsiao, PhD

Irene Hsiao received her Ph.D. in 2008 from the University of Chicago. Her doctoral thesis is entitled "blackberry, blackberry, blackberry: Melancholic Repetition and the Romantic Lyric".

Her main focus lies on the lyric of John Donne, William Blake, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson and T.S. Eliot. However, additional authors such as Wordsworth and Coleridge, on whom she has worked in the past, are also to be included.

English literature expert Irene Hsiao will come to the CAS from mid April until mid July 2010. In her current project, she is investigating "The Imprint of Song: The Ballad and the Lyric in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction". In Munich, she intends to cooperate with the academic staff of the DFG research group "Anfänge (in) der Moderne" and the SFB 573 "Pluralisierung und Autorität in der Frühen Neuzeit".