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Dr. Sándor Horváth

Sándor Horváth is a Research Fellow at the Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest.

His specialist research area is urban history under state socialism. He is one of the few researchers in the world to deal systematically with the topic of day-to-day history under state socialism in Hungary. In addition to this, he also conducts research into social and cultural history as well as labor history after 1945.

In June 2011, Sándor Horváth will be a visiting fellow at the CAS following an invitation from Dr. Heléna Tóth, Faculty of History and the Arts. During his visit, Heléna Tóth and Sándor Horváth will continue their discussions which began in July 2010 during the conference "Cityscapes in History". They will also conduct research into topics related to the day-to-day history of state socialism in Hungary.