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Prof. Dr. Antonio Moreno Hernández

Antonio Moreno Hernández is Professor of Latin Philology at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia in Madrid.

His research interests include Latin text criticism, manuscripts and early print editions of Roman classics, the writings of Caesar and their continued survival, the earliest Latin Bible translations, as well as technical and philosophical Latin. He is currently directing a research project on the first print editions of classics in Spanish libraries, while also working on long-term research investigating the textual transmissions of the writings of G. Iulius Caesar.

Antonio Moreno Hernández will be at the CAS in May 2013 as a visiting fellow upon invitation from Dr. Dániel Kiss. During his stay, he will give a lecture entitled "Iulius Caesar's Bellum Gallicum from Antiquity to the Renaissance: Cultural Reception and Textual Transmission".