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Dr. Douglas Hedley

Douglas Hedley is Reader in Hermeneutics and Metaphysics in the Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University, where he is also a Fellow at Clare College. Following the conclusion of his studies at Oxford, he completed his doctorate at the LMU Munich, after which he held teaching positions in Nottingham and Cambridge. As a CAS visiting fellow, he will work on the third volume of a trilogy published by Continuum on the subject of imagination; the volumes published to date are entitled "Living Forms of the Imagination" (2008) and "Sacrifice Imagined" (2011). The final book of the series, "The Iconic Imagination", will also involve a critical development of romantic topics in a contemporary philosophical-theological context with specific reference to terms connected with imaginativeness, beauty and unity.

Douglas Hedley has been invited by Dr. James Vigus to be a visiting fellow at the CAS in April 2012. During his stay, he will contribute to the research project led by James Vigus entitled "From Unitarianism to Romanticism: Philosophical Necessity and Aesthetic Autonomy". As part of this project, he will participate in the workshop at the CAS "The Idea of the Fall and European Romantic Aesthetics", and will give a lecture on 17 April 2012 with the title: "From the Cambridge Platonists to English Romanticism".