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Prof. Anthony Grafton, PhD

Anthony Grafton is the Henry Putnam University Professor of History at Princeton University. His specialist research areas lie in the historical field of the Renaissance and the reformation, and in the systematic field of historiography. He is primarily interested in the cultural history of the European Renaissance, the history of reading and books, the history of scholarship and education from antiquity up to the 19th century and the history of science from the antiquity to the Renaissance. His numerous book publications include, on the one hand, comprehensive studies on historical figures such as the Italian humanist and architect Leon Battista Alberti, the astrologer and doctor Girolamo Cardano and the French historian Joseph Scaliger. On the other hand, he is concerned with studies spanning multiple epochs on the development of practices and techniques of scholarship, such as the history of the footnote in historical texts or the problem of counterfeiting as the “criminal sister” of critique. His current work has just been released, entitled "Worlds made by Words. Scholarship and Community in the modern West".

The numerous honors received by Anthony Grafton include the Balzan Prize for the History of Humanities (2002) and the Distinguished Award of the Mellon Foundation (2003).

On 20 July 2009 at 7pm Anthony Grafton will speak as part of the lectures series "Die frühe Neuzeit. Vermessung einer Epoche" on the topic of "Humanists with Inky Fingers. The Culture of Correction in the Early Modern Printing House". In addition, advanced students will have the opportunity to discuss his current research with him at a workshop.