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Prof. Petra Gödde, PhD

Petra Gödde is Professor of American History of the 20th Century and the History of International Relations at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Her works include "GIs and Germans: Culture, Gender and Foreign Relations 1945-1949" (2003) and most recently: "The Human Rights Revolution. An International History" (2012, in conjunction with A. Iriye and W. Hitchcock). She is currently working on the topic of the global peace discourse during the early phase of the Cold War.

Petra Gödde will be at the CAS from June until August 2012 as a visiting fellow upon invitation from Prof. Dr. Christof Mauch. During her stay, she will be participating in several events as part of the CAS research focus "Transatlantic Cultures" including a conference in June on "The Cold War and American Music, 1945 - 2000".