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Prof. Dr. Burkhard Dohm

Burkhard Dohm is Professor of Modern German Literature at Philipps University Marburg.

His specialist research fields are the literature of the early modern period, literature and religion, pietism, hermeticism, literature and medicine, as well as gender aspects of literature from the early modern to the modern periods. His current research project concerns interpretation patterns of femininity as "Prophet – Witch – Hysteric" since the early modern period.

Burkhard Dohm will be at the CAS in April 2011 as a visiting fellow. Here, he is continuing his cooperation wit Dr. Cecilia Muratori, LMU Research Fellow from the Faculty of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and the Study of Relgion. He will participate in the workshop organized by Cecilia Muratori entitled "Die Seele der Tiere bei Nikolaus von Kues: Impulse für die frühe Neuzeit". This lecture is published eletronically in the CAS eSeries (Nr. 6/2011).

In April 2011 Burkhard Dohm is back in Munich as a visiting fellow at CAS. He will participated at the conference "Ethical Perspectives on Animals 1400-1650" organized by Cecilia Muratori.