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Prof. Dr. René Bloch

René Bloch is Professor of Jewish Studies at the Institute of Jewish Studies and the Institute of Classical Philology at the University of Bern.

His research focuses on the history and literature of Judaism, from Hellenistic to rabbinic times, interrelations between Jewish and pagan culture, Jewish-Hellenistic literature, in particular Flavius Josephus and Philon of Alexandria, ancient mythologies (Israel, Greece, Rome) and ancient ethnography.

René Bloch is a Visiting Fellow at CAS in October and November 2019 upon the invitation from Prof. Dr. Martin Hose. On 22 October 2019 he will give a lecture on "'Als würde ein Souffleur einflüstern': Die Übersetzung der hebräischen Bibel ins Griechische nach Philon von Alexandrien".