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Ian Astley, PhD

Ian Astley is Senior Lecturer in Japanese at the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures of the University of Edinburgh.

His research interests are Japanese and Chinese religions and philosophy, especially the Shingon Buddhist tradition in China and Japan, the early commentarial tradition of the Liqu jing (J.: Rishukyō), developments in the Meiji Restoration, with a particular reference to Shingon Buddhism and the manner in which the Japanese were introducing their form of Buddhism to the West, more specifically the UK.

Ian Astley is a Visiting Fellow at CAS in July 2016 upon invitation from Dr. Paulus Kaufmann (Junior Researcher in Residence 2016) and will give a commentary on the Lunch Talk "Truth in Ritual − From Saccakiriya to Shingon" given by Paulus Kaufmann on 4 July 2016.