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Fellowship Program

The Center for Advanced Studies encourages international exchange at LMU by enabling the invitation of outstanding international scholars and scientists. The aim of this is to pave the way for international cooperation or to ease its further establishment. The decisive criterion for all visiting fellow invitations is that they serve to advance a cooperative project of the host and his or her fellow. In most of the programs, therefore, the professors teaching at LMU apply for the visiting fellowships, upon which the CAS board then decides. Invitations are extended for short visits of up to three months. The subject-based positions advertised as part of the CAS Research Groups are based on an open application process and allow for fellowships of up to one year.

The cooperation with guests encompasses a variety of forms. The visiting fellows are provided with a workspace at CAS where they have the opportunity to meet colleagues and to engage in exchange, for example in regular internal colloquia. In order to make the visiting fellows and their research accessible to a wider university audience, a public lecture event is always included as part of their visits.

For further information on the Fellowship Program, please contact the academic coordinators: