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Prof. Dr. André Kaiser

André Kaiser is Professor of Political Science at the University of Cologne, Germany.

His research focuses on comparative political institutions. His ongoing projects focus on the causes and consequences of political decentralization and on executive and legislative behavior in parliamentary democracies in times of external shocks.

Selected publications include: Why Accommodate Minorities Asymmetrically? A Theory of Ideological Authority Insulation. In: European Journal of Political Research 58:2, 557-581 (together with Leonce Röth 2019); Policy Making in Multilevel Systems. Federalism, Decentralisation, and Performance in the OECD Countries, (together with Jan Biela Jan, Annika Hennl, ECPR Press, 2013); 2010. Taking Others into Account: Self-Interest and Fairness in Majority Decision Making. In: American Journal of Political Science 54: 667–685 (together with Jan Sauermann 2010). Mehrheitsdemokratie und Institutionenreform: Verfassungspolitischer Wandel in Australien, Großbritannien, Kanada und Neuseeland im Vergleich (Campus Verlag, 2002).

André Kaiser is a Visiting Fellow at CAS in February and March 2020 and is part of the CAS Research Group "Exceptional Political Dynamics: Temporality, Turbulence, Transformation" of Prof. Dr. Klaus H. Goetz. He will participate in the workshop on "Researching Dynamic Politics: Data, Methods, Theories" on 28 and 29 November 2019.