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Current Visiting Fellows

  • Prof. Dr. h.c. Jutta Allmendinger, Ph.D.

    Jutta Allmendinger is President of the WZB Berlin Social Science Center and Professor of Sociology of Education
    and Labor Market Research at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. more

  • Dr Noga Arikha

    Noga Arikha is a historian of ideas and philosopher, an Associate Fellow of the Warburg Institute and Honorary Fellow of the Center for the Politics of Feelings (London), and a Research Associate at the Institut Jean Nicod (Paris). more

  • Prof. Bill Bell, PhD

    Bill Bell is Professor of Bibliography at the School of English, Communication and Philosophy of the Cardiff University. more

  • Prof. Paul Boghossian, Ph.D.

    Paul Boghossian is Silver Professor of Philosophy at NYU's Philosophy Department, and Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Birmingham in the UK. more

  • Dr. Antje Endesfelder Quick

    Antje Endesfelder Quick is a lecturer at the British Department of Leipzig University. more

  • Prof. em. Dr. Dorothea Frede

    Dorothea Frede is Professor Emerita of the Chair for Ancient Philosophy and the Philosophy of Language at the University of Hamburg and a regular guest professor at the University of California in Berkeley. more

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ute Frevert

    Ute Frevert is Director at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, where she is leading the Research Center for the History of Emotions since 2008. more

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Hartmann

    Stefan Hartmann is an Associate Professor of German Linguistics at the University of Düsseldorf. more

  • Prof. Laurent Jaffro, Ph.D.

    Laurent Jaffro is Professor of Moral Philosophy at Panthéon-Sorbonne and Senior Research Fellow at the Institut Universitaire de France. more

  • Prof. George Joseph

    George Joseph is Professor of Cardiology at the Christian Medical College, Vellore, South India. more

  • Prof. Megan Luke, Ph.D.

    Megan R. Luke is Associate Professor in the Department of History of Art and a Faculty Affiliate of the Visual Studies Research Institute at the University of Southern California Dornsife. more

  • Gloria Origgi, Ph.D.

    Gloria Origgi is senior researcher (Directeur de Recherche) in Philosophy and Social Sciences at the Institut Nicod in Paris (CNRS- Ecole Normale Supérieure). more

  • Prof. Giancarla Periti, Ph.D.

    Giancarla Periti is Associate Professor of Italian Renaissance art at the University of Toronto. more