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Current Visiting Fellows

  • Prof. Sylvain Bouix, Ph.D.

    Sylvain Bouix is Co-director of the Psychiatry NeuroImaging Laboratory and Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Harvard Medical School. His research interests include shape analysis of anatomical structures and evaluation of medical imaging techniques. more

  • Dr. María Alejandra Arciniega Ceballos

    Alejandra Arciniega Ceballos is Professor at the Institute of Geophysics and at the School of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Alejandra Arciniega Ceballos’ research expertise is in the field of volcano seismology, particularly in the study of volcanic conduit Dynamics. more

  • Dr. Antonio Costa

    Antonio Costa is a researcher at the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) in Bologna, Italy. more

  • Prof. Dr. Hugo Delgado

    Hugo Delgado is Director of the Institute of Geophysics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). As one of Mexico’s leading geophysicists, Hugo Delgado is currently entrusted with the observation of the active volcano Popocatépetl in the Mexico City region. more

  • Prof. Patrick Ebewo, Ph.D.

    Patrick Ebewo is Professor at the Faculty of the Arts of the Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa. His field of expertise is dramatic arts and theatre, with a focus on African drama and theatre, cultural studies, dramatic literature and criticism, theatre for development, industrial theatre and popular theatre. more

  • Prof. Orfeo Fioretos, Ph.D.

    Orfeo Fioretos is Associate Professor of Political Science at Temple University, Philadelphia. His research focuses on international cooperation, especially the formal and informal institutions that structure economic relations among states. more

  • Prof. Søren Fournais, Ph.D.

    Søren Fournais is Professor at the Department of Mathematics of the Aarhus University. He is interested in understanding the interplay between quantum features (i.e. the spectra of operators) and their classical and/or geometrical input. A special focus is on the effect of magnetic fields. more

  • Prof. Dr. Alexander C.T. Geppert

    Alexander C.T. Geppert holds a joint appointment as Associate Professor of History and European Studies and Global Network Associate Professor at NYU New York and NYU Shanghai. A historian of 19th- and 20th- century western Europe, his work focuses on the nexus of spatiality, knowledge and transcendence in varying configurations. more

  • Prof. Henrique von Gersdorff, Ph.D.

    Henrique von Gersdorff is Senior Scientist in the Vollum Institute and holds a faculty appointment in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology in the School of Medicine at the Oregon Health & Science University. He is focused on sensory neuroscience research, primarily the auditory and visual systems. more

  • Prof. Dr. Daniele Giordano

    Daniele Giordano is professor at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Turin, Italy. more

  • Prof. Stacie Goddard, Ph.D.

    Stacie Goddard is Jane Bishop '51 Associate Professor of Political Science at Wellesley College. Stacie Goddard’s research engages with core issues in international security, and in particular the study of the causes and conduct of war. more

  • Prof. Christina Goldschmidt, Ph.D.

    Prof. Christina Goldschmidt, Ph.D. Christina Goldschmidt is Professor of Probability at the Department of Statistics of the University of Oxford.
    Her research interests are various aspects of the structure of random hypergraphs, with particular emphasis on the use of stochastic process methods. more

  • Agustin Ibáñez, Ph.D.

    Agustin Ibáñez is Director of the Institute of Translational and Cognitive Neuroscience in Buenos Aires, Titular Professor at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez and Associate Professor at the Universidad Favaloro in Buenos Aires. His research focuses on cognitive neuroscience, experimental psychology and neuropsychiatry. more

  • Prof. Dr. Margarete Jahrmann

    Margarete Jahrmann is Professor of Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts. She works as artist, curator and researcher and was since 2003 a leading figure in the emerging scene of game arts. more

  • Prof. Dr. Angela Kallhoff

    Angela Kallhoff is Professor of Ethics at the University of Vienna and Head of the research platform Nano-Norms-Nature. Her research areas are ethics, political philosophy and applied ethics. more

  • Prof. Brian Kane, Ph.D.

    Brian Kane is Professor at the Department of Music at Yale University. His scholarly work is interdisciplinary, located in the intersection of music theory, composition, and philosophy. more

  • Dr. Susanne Lange

    Susanne Lange is a freelance translator of literary texts into German. She mainly translates from Spanish and also from English. She translated texts of Lorca, Rulfo, Cervantes and Luis Cernuda, among others, and received several awards for her translations. more

  • Prof. Eitan Lerner, Ph.D.

    Eitan Lerner is senior lecturer at the Department of Biological Chemistry at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is dedicated to the direct measurement of the dynamics of protein systems and how these dynamics influence their activity. more

  • Prof. Einat Lev, Ph.D.

    Einat Lev is an associate research professor at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) of Columbia University in New York City. more

  • Prof. Mark Edward Lewis, Ph.D.

    Mark Edward Lewis is Professor of History and Religious Studies at the Standford University. Mark Edward Lewis's research deals with many aspects of Chinese civilization and with the problem of empire as a political and social form. more

  • Prof. Phillip Y. Lipscy, Ph.D.

    Phillip Y. Lipscy is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. His fields of research include international organizations, international and comparative political economy, the politics of energy and the environment, and the politics of East Asia, particularly Japan. more

  • Prof. Paul K. MacDonald, Ph.D.

    Paul K. MacDonald is Associate Professor of Political Science at Wellesley College. MacDonald's work focuses on how powerful states create and sustain relations of dominance over others in international politics. more

  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Di Muro

    Andrea Di Muro is a Researcher at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) and works at the Volcanological Observatory of Piton de la Fournaise (OVPF) on La Réunion Island. Andrea Di Muro's research focuses on the physicochemical processes that control the development of volcanic systems in time and space. more

  • Prof. Siegfried Musser, Ph.D.

    Siegfried Musser is Professor of Molecular and Cellular Medicine at Texas A&M University. The Musser lab investigates the molecular mechanism of protein transport across: the nuclear envelope via the nuclear pore complex (NPC); and the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane via the Sec(retion) and Tat (twin-arginine translocation) machineries. more

  • Dr. Martin Pfeiffer

    Martin Pfeiffer is Assistant Professor at the Department of German Linguistics at the University of Freiburg. His research interests are pragmatics, syntax, prosody, discourse particles, interactional linguistics, conversation analysis, multimodal communication, sociolinguistics, and first language acquisition. more

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Pormann

    Peter Pormann is Professor of Classics & Graeco-Arabic Studies at the University of Manchester. Peter E Pormann is primarily concerned with the transmission of the Greek medical and scientific heritage into the Islamic world and the use of information technologies to facilitate its study. more

  • Prof. Nicolas Raymond, Ph.D.

    Nicolas Raymond is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Angers. His mathematical interests are amongst others spectral theory,semiclassical analysis, magnetic fields, linear (and nonlinear) Schrödinger equation, Dirac operator, Born-Oppenheimer approximation,and coherent states. more

  • Prof. James Read

    James Read is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and a Tutorial Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford. His research concerns the foundations of spacetime theories, symmetries, and dualities. more

  • Prof. Duncan Snidal, Ph.D.

    Duncan Snidal is Professor of International Relations at the University of Oxford and a fellow of Nuffield College and the British Academy. His research focuses on problems of international cooperation and institutions with an emphasis on institutional design. more

  • Prof. Devi Sridhar

    Devi Sridhar is Professor of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh. Her work focuses on the three core areas of research within the Global Health Governance Programme. more

  • Dr. Matthew D. Stephen

    Matthew D. Stephen is a Research Fellow in the Department of Global Governance at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB). His research mainly focuses on the interaction between international power shifts, legitimacy, and international institutions. more

  • Prof. Dr. Roberto Sulpizio

    Roberto Sulpizio is Associate Professor in Volcanology at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Bari, Italy. Roberto Sulpizio's main research interests are the physical properties of volcanoes. more

  • Prof. Harini Sundararaghavan, Ph.D.

    Harini Sundararaghavan is Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the Wayne State University in Detroit. more

  • Prof. Jonas Tallberg, Ph.D.

    Jonas Tallberg is Professor of Political Science at Stockholm University. His research interests are global governance and European Union politics. more

  • Prof. Alexander Thompson, Ph.D.

    Alexander Thompson is Associate Professor of Political Science at Ohio State University and a Faculty Associate of the Mershon Center for International Security Studies. His current projects focus on the evolution of the global climate change regime, the politics of international investment agreements, and the power and performance of international organizations. more

  • Prof. Lora Anne Viola, Ph.D.

    Lora Anne Viola is Assistant Professor of Politics at the John F. Kennedy Institute at Freie Universität Berlin. Her research focuses on international institutions and global order, often with a special focus on US hegemonic power. more

  • Prof. Shimon Weiss, Ph.D.

    Shimon Weiss is Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA. He develops and uses ultra-high resolution, ultra-high sensitivity fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy tools. more

  • Prof. Robert St. Martin Westley, Ph.D.

    Robert St. Martin Westley is LOCHEF Professor of Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility at Tulane University Law School in New Orleans. His research and teaching interests are in the fields of critical race theory, constitutional law, philosophy of law, law and literature, and the legal profession. more