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Lecture series in the summer semester 2022 – "Out of the Box: CRISPR/Cas"

The lecture series reflects on the consequences of the revolutionary gene editing technology CRISPR/Cas in the fields of natural sciences and medicine, as well as its societal significance. The top-class speakers of the series include Kay Davies (Oxford), Kevin M. Esvelt (MIT), Caroline Gutjahr (TUM), Henry T. Greely (Stanford), Dirk Inzé (Gent), Greg Newby (Broad Institute), Kai P. Purnhagen (Bayreuth), Pamela C. Ronald (UC Davis) and Jörg Vogel (HIRI/Würzburg).

The lecture series is part of the CAS Research Focus "CRISPR/Cas" . The spokesperson of this Research Focus is Prof. Dr. Eckhard Wolf (LMU).

If you would like to participate, please contact us and you will receive further information about the event (live or digital): erforderlich. Ausgewählte Veranstaltungen werden auf Video aufgezeichnet und können auf LMU on iTunes abgerufen werden. The Center for Advanced Studies records some events and releases them on the CAS website and at _LMU on iTunes_. Via registration you aggree to the recording of the event.