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Lunch Talks

The Lunch Talk is an internal colloquium that provides CAS scholars with an opportunity to present their current work and discuss it in a small circle of specialist colleagues.

Summer Semester 2019

16 May 2019 Speaker: Dr. Magdalena Zorn (LMU) | Respondent: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Urbanek (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien) Metaphern des Hörens. Eine Philosophie des musikalischen Werkes
22 May 2019 Talk between Dr. Susanne Lange (Berlin/CAS Fellow) and Prof. Dr. Martin von Koppenfels (LMU) Übersetzen von Form zu Form. Das Beispiel spanischsprachiger Lyrik
5 June 2019 Speakers: Prof. Orfeo Fioretos, Ph.D. (Temple University/CAS Fellow), Prof. Stacie E. Goddard, Ph.D. (Wellesley College/CAS Fellow) | Chair: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Zangl (LMU) The Future of Global Order. Institutional Adjustments to Global Power Shifts
11 July 2019 Speaker: Neil Dewar, Ph.D. (LMU) | Respondent: PD Dr. Marco Giovanelli (Tübingen) Relativity, Conventionalism, and the Emergence of Logical Empiricism
5 September 2019 Speaker: Prof. Robert St. Martin Westley, Ph.D. (Tulane/CAS Fellow) | Chair: Dr. Martin Heidebach (LMU) Can there Be Racial Reconciliation without Reparations? A Comparative Approach to Transitional Justice and the Rule of Law

The research colloquium is open to university members only.