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Lunch Talks

The Lunch Talk is an internal colloquium that provides CAS scholars with an opportunity to present their current work and discuss it in a small circle of specialist colleagues.

Winter Semester 2021/22

21 October 2021
12.15 p.m.

The talk is canceled!
Speaker: Dr. Yves Steinebach (LMU/CAS Researcher in Residence) | Respondent: Prof. Muiris MacCarthaigh, Ph.D.
(Belfast/CAS Fellow)
Condemned to Complexity? Growing State Activity
and its Challenges for Policy Implementation

18 November 2021
5 p.m. (EST 11 a.m.)
Speaker: Dr. Gero Guttzeit (LMU/CAS Researcher in Residence) | Respondent: Prof. James Phelan, Ph.D. (Ohio State) On Narrative Invisibility
13 December 2021
12.15 p.m.
Speaker: Dr. Bettina Stepanek (LMU/CAS Researcher in Residence) | Respondent: Prof. Dr. Michael Blauberger (Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg) Funktionen und Bedeutung der gerichtlichen
Kontrolle hoheitlichen Handelns im europäischen
15 March 2022
12.15 p.m.
Speaker: Dr. Nikolas Koch (LMU/CAS Junior Researcher in Residence) | Respondent: Prof. Dr. Sarah Schimke (TU Dortmund) Methoden der Sprachmodellierung
zur Mustererkennung im Spracherwerb

The research colloquium is open to university members only.

Location and Registration

Information about the format of the event will be provided in advance. If you are interested in participating, please contact us:E-Mail.