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"Unus et mediator Dei et hominum": The Neoplatonic Solar Theology of Julian the Apostate

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gábor Buzási | Chair: Prof. Dr. Martin Wallraff (LMU)

16.01.2019 at 18:15 

Julian's attempt to save traditional religions from Christianity was inspired by Iamblichus' Neoplatonic theology. Central in the emperor’s vision was the Sun as the mediator between the divine world and the visible cosmos – including mankind. The Sun as the par excellence intellectual (νοερός) deity creates and sustains the intellectual and physical world by contemplating and imitating intelligible reality. If it was an integral part of Constantine’s political-theological program to replace the Sun god by Christ, Julia's was to restore the glory of this ancient deity.

Gábor Buzási is Professor of greek and hebrew Philology at Eötvös Loránd University Budapest as well as Visiting Fellow at CAS.

Location and Registration

Hauptgebäude der LMU // Raum C 016, 80539 München
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