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Trust in Science and the Problems of Fast Changing Evidence

Panel Discussion with Prof. Paul Boghossian, Ph.D. and Gloria Origgi, Ph.D. | Chair: Prof. Ophelia Deroy, Ph.D. (CAS Research Group/LMU) and Justin Sulik, Ph.D. (LMU)

10.11.2021 at 17:00 

Scientists, no less than politicians, need to be persuasive: as shown in recent vaccination and COVID-19 crises, they have a crucial role to play to change people's attitudes and beliefs. However, they need to do so without drawing on lengthy or technical arguments: communicating scientific findings to an audience of non-experts needs shortcuts and reformulations. One of the key challenges comes from communicating the epistemic uncertainty that characterises science: being persuasive requires clear-cut confident messages, but science is rarely clear-cut, and inevitably fallible.

Paul Boghossian ist Professor für Philosophie an der NYU.
Gloria Origgi ist Directeur de Recherche am Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS Paris.
Beide sind Mitglieder der CAS Research Group „Persuading under Uncertainty: Challenges and Norms of Science Communication” von Ophelia Deroy.


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