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International Institutions in an Age of Global Power Shifts: Negotiating Change

Workshop organized by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Zangl and Dr. Andreas Kruck (CAS Research Group/LMU).

27.06.2019 – 28.06.2019

The conference takes off from the assumption that the adaptation of the international order and its underlying international institutions to shifts in the international distribution of power comes through international negotiations between emerging powers such as India and China and established powers such as the US and the UK. As exemplified by more recent attempts of institutional adaptation in the UN, the WTO, the IMF and other international organizations, these negotiations can take on different modes, among them the power bargaining, the strategic cooptation, the rhetorical coercion and the open deliberation mode. The main aim of the conference is to identify the conditions under which these negotiations take on a specific mode.

Participants are Members of the CAS Research Group: Martin Binder (Reading), Orfeo Fioretos (Temple University), Stacie E. Goddard (Wellesley College), Philipp Y. Lipscy (Stanford), Paul K. MacDonald (Wellesley College), Duncan Snidal (Oxford), Matthew D. Stephen (WZB), Jonas Tallberg (Universität Stockholm), Alexander Thompson (Ohio State University), Lora Anne Viola (FU Berlin) and Felicity Vabulas (Pepperdine University).

Location and Registration

CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 München

Registration is required. If you are interested in participating, please contact us: