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Counterathon: Collaborative AI Tackles Hate

Workshop organized by Prof. Dr. Sahana Udupa (CAS Young Center/LMU).

26.07.2021 – 27.07.2021

Counterathon is the flagship event of the European Research Council funded project "AI4Dignity". In the course of the two-day closed workshop, fact checkers from selected countries around the world will enter into an assisted dialogue with AI developers and academic experts to improve machine learning models for online extreme speech moderation. The project takes up the challenge of operationalizing an open, nuanced, and decentralized ecosystem to combat hate.

Participants among others: Anna-Sophie Barbutev (fact checker, Deutschland), Eva Casper (fact checker, Deutschland), Hossein Derakhshan (Harvard), Joan Donovan (Harvard), Govindraj Ethiraj (fact checker, Indien), Bharath Ganesh (Groningen), Erick Kashara (fact checker, Kenia), Julia Ley (fact checker, Deutschland), Duncan
Omanga (African Peacebuilding Network/Social Science Research Council), Geoffrey Omondi (fact checker, Kenia), Jonathan Corpus Ong (Harvard/UMass Amherst), Pablo Ortellado (Universität São Paulo), Vinod Rati (fact checker, Indien), Amber Sinha (Centre for Internet and Society), Nikos Sarris (SOMA: Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis), Gilberto Scofield (fact checker, Brasilien), Cristina Tardáguila (founder of Agência Lupa, Brasil/CAS Fellow), Marita Wehlus (fact checker, Deutschland).

Public Planeries on 26 July:

9-11 am: Opening Panel Discussion: How can AI assisted systems contribute to online extreme speech moderation?
with Hossein Derakhshan, Bharat Ganesh, Erkan Saka, Torsten Zesch
Moderator: Sahana Udupa

5-6.30 pm: Public Planery: Public Plenary at 5 pm (CET)
How do we envision collaborative AI endeavours to address the vast cultural variation and dynamic nature of hateful expressions online?
with Joan Donovan, Duncan Omanga, Jonathan Corpus Ong, Pablo Ortellado, Cristina Tardáguila
Moderator: Sahana Udupa


Location and Registration


Registration required. If you are interested in participating please contact us: