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Guiding Economic Decisions

Eine Tagung aus Anlass des zehnjährigen Bestehens von MELESSA unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Klaus M. Schmidt und Lisa Spantig (LMU).


Human decisions on consumption, education and financial investments are often distorted by behavioral biases that lead to undesirable outcomes. Economist and Nobel laureate Richard Thaler argues to nudge people into the right direction without restricting their choice sets. Psychologist Ralph Hertwig criticizes this approach and argues to empower people to take better decisions, a concept called "boosting". How to guide economic decisions raises important psychological, economic and philosophical questions and has profound economic policy implications. The Munich Experimental Laboratory for Economic and Social Sciences (MELESSA) was founded in 2008 by 15 professors from four different faculties of LMU Munich with the support of the Excellence Initiative.

Abendvortrag am 7. November um 17 Uhr s.t.:

Prof. Dr. Ralph Hertwig – "Nudging and Boosting: Steering or Empowering Good Decisions?"

Ralph Hertwig ist Direktor des Max-Planck-Instituts für Bildungsforschung in Berlin und derzeit Visiting Fellow am CAS.

Ort und Anmeldung

CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 München
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