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Human Rights and Nation-Building after 1968: Writing International History of the Recent Past

Referent: Prof. Jeremi Suri | Moderation: Dr. Ariane Leendertz

12.06.2012 at 18:15 

This lecture will examine the challenges and opportunities in writing the international history of the decades after 1968. What do concepts like "human rights" and "nation-building" mean in this context? What are the other key categories of analysis and how can scholars deploy them effectively? How do we understand continuities and discontinuities stretching before the period and forward into the present? This lecture will offer a research framework for addressing these crucial analytical questions. The lecture will also suggest some future routes for analysis, research, and description.

Die Veranstaltung findet in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut für Zeitgeschichte (IfZ) statt.

Jeremi Suri ist Mack Brown Distinguished Professor of Global Leadership, History, and Public Policy an der University of Texas at Austin und derzeit Visiting Fellow am CAS.

Ort: Vortragssaal des CAS
Für die Teilnahme ist eine Anmeldung erforderlich. Wenn Sie Interesse an unserer Veranstaltung haben, bitten wir Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung zu setzen: E-Mail.