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Nature, the Body, and Papal Ceremony in Renaissance Rome

Referent: Prof. Peter Godman | Moderation: Prof. Dr. Andreas Höfele

23.06.2014 at 18:15 

In his lecture, Peter Godman deals with the role played by the living body of the pope and by relics in the public and private enactments of authority at the court of Pius II (1458-1462). Its theme is the function of physical nature in the ceremonial and anti-ceremonial performances of papal sovereignty. Special attention is paid to the relationship between nature and art in the policy of Pius II, perhaps the most gifted papal actor before John Paul II.

Peter Godman ist Professor für lateinisches Mittelalter und Renaissance an der Universität La Sapienza in Rom und im Sommersemester 2014 Visiting Fellow am CAS.

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