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The Roman Council House of Aphrodisias and its Late Antique Phases

Referent: Prof. Christopher H. Hallett, Ph.D. | Moderation: Prof. Dr. Rolf Michael Schneider

29.04.2015 at 18:15 

Berkeley-Lecture im Rahmen der Forschungskooperation zwischen der UC Berkeley und der LMU.

Enough of the Bouleuterion at Aphrodisias is preserved for a detailed reconstruction to be made of the building; and surviving inscriptions tell us something of its history. It was constructed ca. 200 CE, by Attalos Synkletikos – the Roman Senator – member of a leading Aphrodisian family. The building was subsequently refurbished by Antonius Priscus, Roman Governor of the province of Caria, ca. 390 CE. In the mid-5th century, a local Aphrodisian grandee, Flavius Ampelius, converted the orchestra of Attalos' building into a "palaestra" for the holding of sporting competitions.

Christopher H. Hallett ist Professor für Römische Kunst an der University of California in Berkeley. Er hält sich derzeit als Gastprofessor an der LMU auf.

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