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18 international visiting fellows from 8 nations will cooperate in the winter semester with their hosts at LMU. These visiting fellows include the art historian Elizabeth Otto (University of Buffalo), who has been invited to the CAS by Burcu Dogramaci for the research project "Passages of Exile". The anthropologist Timothy Ingold (Aberdeen) will work with Martin Saxer on the subject of "How Materials Correspond", on which he will present a lecture on 9 February 2017. Marina Oshana, professor of philosophy at UC Davis, will investigate questions of moral philosophy, such as the formation of autonomy, in cooperation with Monika Betzler. more

The CAS research focus "Moral Behavior" concludes its work by presenting four lectures on willpower. Representatives of the fields of philosophy, psychology and economics will discuss the question of how strength and weakness of will affect decision-making processes, as well as the role of self-control. Amongst others the psychologist Walter Mischel, author of the book "The Marshmallow Test", will talk about "Deconstructing Resistance to Temptation". The conference "The Moral Demands of Relationships", which will directly follow this discussion, will investigate the extent to which personal relationships are characterized by biased behavior. This aspect gains significance primarily due to the fact that impartiality is generally understood as a central principle of moral behavior. more

In the academic year 2016/17 four professors from LMU and their research groups will be working on a huge range of research topics such as "Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation", "The Rise of Complexity within Democracies" and "Festivals in the early Bronze Age". The group of Stephan Hartmann (Philosophy) is going to address questions concerning reasoning and argumentation in sciences, e.g. the question, if it possible to come up with a unified normative theory of reasoning and argumentation. The project led by Christoph Knill (Political Sciences) focuses on the "complexity-capacity paradox" and asks why constrained states make increasingly complex policies. For the first time, an interdisciplinary group is filling the position of Senior Researcher at the CAS: The Archeologist Adelheid Otto and Assyriologist Walther Sallaberger are writing a book together on the subject of "Festivals in the early Bronze Age city-states of Mesopotamia". more