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Nothing symbolizes life and humanity as strongly and universally as the heart. Stretching across eras and cultures, the heart represents human existence and feeling. Despite this observation though, research on the heart tends to occur along entirely separate disciplinary paths. Initiated by experts from the field of medical heart research, this lecture series will provide insight into the heart from a number of very different perspectives, and will examine the question of what has led to the fascination with this particular organ. Following an examination of ancient and Arabic philosophy by Professor Peter Adamson, the cultural studies specialist Dr. Fay Bound Alberti will illuminate the emotional history of the heart. The medical expert Professor Thomas Eschenhagen will then illustrate acute medical procedures, while Professor Barbara Vinken will focus on "matters of the heart". more

The CAS offers young LMU researchers from the fields of humanities, social sciences and cultural studies positions as a researcher in residence, thus enabling them to concentrate intensively for a period of one semester on the completion of a comprehensive research project. In this summer semester, three junior researchers in residence will be working at CAS: Dr. Sarah Fekadu-Uthoff (English Literature) will investigate discourses on Ethiopia in English-language literature from 1750 until today. Benjamin Krämer (Communication Studies) is concerned with the relationship between right-wing populism and the media, while Daniel Fröhlich (Law) is researching the conditions of independence in democratic constitutional states. more

The Fellowship Program of the CAS supports cooperation between LMU scholars and their international guests. CAS fellows enhance the work of each CAS research focus as well as of the researchers in residence. Leonid Levitov (MIT) and Thomas Weitz will extend their existing cooperation in the (highly competitive) field of quantum transport on new low dimensional structures, such as graphs. The literary scholars Paul Fleming (Cornell University) and Karin Sanders (UC Berkeley) will be at the CAS upon invitation from Inka Mülder-Bach and Annegret Heitmann in the context of the CAS research focus "Writing Prose". The sociologist Timothy P. Moran (Stony Brook) will engage in discussion with the research focus group "Global Capitalism" on new concepts for analyzing the system of capitalism and will contribute to the closing conference of the research focus. Glenn Schwartz (Johns Hopkins University) will cooperate with CAS senior researchers Adelheid Otto and Walther Sallaberger, working on feasting and festivals in early Mesopotamia. The internist and endocrinologist Celso E. Gomez-Sanchez (University of Mississippi) and Martin Reincke will extend their existing cooperation on the pathogenesis of bilateral adrenal hyperplasia. more