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In this summer semester, two new Research Focuses will commence their work at CAS. "Biology of Genomes" will investigate the transformative impact of the significant conceptual breakthrough of the human genome sequencing project for various scientific disciplines as well as society. The research focus "Writing Prose" will examine the structure and significance of the term "prose" which constitutes what is probably the only example of a rhetorical terminus to have become a central metaphor of modernity. In line with these two new research focuses this year's "Cutting Edge" lecture series includes an evening on the new CRISPR-method that is revolutionizing genome research and another one on the question "What is Prose?". The lecture series also addresses other major new developments in science and scholarship, including two further lectures that will discuss the highly topical issue of security, war and media and the potential of 'global food' to alleviate problems arising from food shortages around the world. more

Since autumn 2015, three professors from LMU and their research groups have been working on different topics such as "Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation", "The Media Culture in the Weimar Republic" and "The Production and Distribution of Erotic-Pornographic Reading Material in the Age of Enlightenment". The group of Frank Fischer (Psychology) analyzes skills and characteristics that are of central importance for success in scientific reasoning. The project led by Christine Haug (Book Science) examines the ways in which erotica were produced and distributed in the 18th and 19th century by exposing the international trading networks involved. Oliver Jahraus (German Studies) and his group investigate the media culture of the Weimar Republic by analyzing the terms "objectification" and "reification" that represent two fundamental principles of aesthetic production. This project has led to the current exhibition at CAS on "Weimar’s Book Art" that highlights the works of the famous illustrators Walter Trier and Erich Ohser, and their successor Isabel Kreitz. more

Invited by LMU scholars, guest academics from around the world will once again be in Munich during the summer semester to conduct research in cooperation with their host professors. Georgia Zellou (UC Davis), Lucie Ménard (Quebec) and Khalil Iskarous (USC) will be at CAS upon invitation from Jonathan Harrington in the context of the CAS research focus "Language. Birth and Decay". The literary scholars Rüdiger Görner (Queen Mary University of London), Helmut Kiesel (University of Heidelberg) and Ulrike Zitzelsperger (University of Exeter) will cooperate with CAS Senior Researcher Oliver Jahraus and his team and work on leading categories of the Media Culture in the Weimar Republic. Walid Saleh, Professor at the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto will be at CAS upon invitation of Ronny Vollandt, with whom he will explore the relationship between the bible and ancient Islamic texts. Nori Nakata from the Stanford School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences has been invited by CAS Young Center member Celine Hadziioannou. Valeriy Shcherbakov (Moscow) will work with Simon Hooker on intriguing aspects of the earth's magnetism. more