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In the winter semester, two entirely new CAS Research Groups will begin their cooperation. The biophysicist Dieter Braun and the Greek philologist Oliver Primavesi have put together their international research groups on the basis of an open application process and will now work with them for a period of one year on their research projects. While the group led by Dieter Braun will investigate the origins of life on Earth, Oliver Primavesi will work with his guest scholars on a new edition of Aristotle's Metaphysics. Parallel to this, the new call for applications has already been issued for the CAS research groups to be led by the volcanologist Donald Dingwell on the topic of "Volcanic Ash as a Reactive Agent in our Environment" and by the political scientist Bernhard Zangl on "Power Shifts and Institutional Change". more

All funding programs of the CAS provide the opportunity to invite guest scholars in order to advance cooperative research. Silke Robatzek (The Sainsbury Laboratory), for example, is one of the leading experts in the field of cytological immunity in plants and will be at the CAS as part of the CAS research focus "Biology of Genomes". The sociologist Hans Joas (HU Berlin) will work with the focus group "Models of Change" in the winter semester and will also speak at the CAS about "disenchantment" as a key term of the modern era. Frauke Berndt (University of Zurich) will work with the German philologist Stephan Kammer on the project "Networks of European Modernity". Frieder Klein (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and William Orsi (Geochemistry) will extend their existing cooperation on geosphere-biosphere interactions in low temperature hydrothermal fields (LTHF). more

The new CAS research focus "Stardust" brings astrophysicists and biophysicists together with theologists and philosophers. The work will center around the question of how the insights of modern astronomy transform our picture of the Earth and hence the relationship between humans and the world. The cultural, religious and social consequences of a possible discovery of life in space will also be reflected upon. Spectacular conclusion to the research focus "Biology of Genomes": two panel discussions will be concerned with current topics from the field of biological research. The first of these, entitled "Smallpox is Back", will investigate the possibilities and risks of experiments with potentially dangerous, eradicated pathogens. In a further open forum on the topic of "The Glass Human", scholars from the fields of human genetics, law and philosophy will discuss the advantages and problems of a population-wide genome sequencing. The CAS research focus "Writing Prose" will also come to its conclusion in the winter semester. A conference on "Cohesion forms of prose" will once again demonstrate the multi-disciplinary interest in supposedly commonplace aspects of language. more