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In 2015, the international aid organization Oxfam presented startling figures on worldwide social inequality. According to the study, if the current trend of the widening wealth gap continues, then by 2016, the wealthiest one percent of the population will possess as much as the other 99 percent combined. "Global Capitalism. Who Gets What and Why?" – is the subject of the CAS Lecture Series in the winter semester. Five evening lectures will address various aspects of the capitalist economic system. Lecturers include Paul Collier (Oxford), Lisa Herzog (Frankfurt a.M.), Benjamin Kunkel (New York), Nivedita Menon (Delhi), Eric Pineault (Montreal), Josef Vogl (Berlin). more

The World Wide Web can be represented as a network whose vertices are the HTML documents, connected by the hyperlinks that point from one page to another. On a different level, our nervous system forms a large network, whose vertices are the neurons and nerve cells, which are connected by axons. Quantitative network research is thus not restricted to individual scientific disciplines, but is indeed relevant for many different academic contexts. In the CAS Research Focus "Quantitative Network Science" overseen by Francesca Biagini, scholars from the fields of mathematics, statistics, computer science, language processing, political science, economics, biology and philosophy deal with questions of network research. They start with the workshop "Computational Methods for Networks" on 9 and 10 November 2015. In January 2016 Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst (MPI of Neurobiology) and Dr. Moritz Helmstädter (MPI for Brain Research) will talk about "How Do Neuronal Circuits Operate?". more

Upon invitation from LMU scholars, guest academics from around the world will once again be in Munich during the winter semester to conduct research. The art historian Henry Keazor, who has been invited by Christopher Balme, has recently published a history of art forgery. His lecture on "Six Degrees of Separation" is part of the conference "Forging, Faking, Counterfeiting". Nivedita Menon, Professor of Political Thought at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, will be at CAS upon invitation from Stephan Lessenich. Being involved in the upcoming CAS research focus "Global Capitalism", she will be a speaker at the CAS lecture series. Martin Mai, Professor for Earth Sciences and Engineering at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia is one of the worldwide leading geoscientists for the physics of earthquakes. He will give a talk about " Earthquake Physics from Large to Small (and Back)" and cooperate with Heiner Igel. Senior Researcher in Residence Christine Haug has invited Helga Maria Meise, who is Professor of Modern German Literature and Intellectual History at the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA). Together they will work on distribution of erotic literature in the 18th century. more