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In this lecture series, scholars from the field of philosophy will be joined by those from such varying disciplines as psychology, economics and law to address questions of moral philosophy. Since the time of Aristotle, questions of character and morals have been among the fundamental principles of ethics. The field of psychology, especially developmental psychology, concerns itself with the emotional, moral and social development of children and investigates the appearance of altruism, empathy and prosocial behavior. In the field of economics, the motivation behind decisions has also traditionally played an important role, with the analysis of this motivation allowing for a better understanding of the human image behind economic models. For the field of law, questions of moral philosophy are significant as the basis for the binding force and validity of legislation. more

The Center for Advanced Studies at LMU Munich (CAS) is offering research stays for the winter semester 2015/16 as a "Junior Researcher in Residence". The program is particularly aimed at academic staff members and scholarship recipients from the fields of humanities, cultural studies and social sciences at LMU Munich who, within their qualification level, seek a wider university and professional audience on the one hand, and who require optimal conditions for advancing or completing their research projects on the other hand. The status of a Junior Researcher in Residence includes a workspace in the Seestraße building and the use of the extensive resources of CAS. Application deadline is 31 March 2015. more

Upon invitation from LMU scholars, guest academics from around the world will once again be in Munich during the winter semester to conduct research. Stephan Hartmann has invited the philosophy professor Michael Stoeltzner as part of the CAS research focus "Reduction and Emergence". The historian Timothy H. Breen will also be a visiting fellow at CAS in order to exchange ideas with Michael Hochgeschwender and doctoral students regarding new approaches to the research and interpretation of the American Revolution. Toshiro Tanimoto is one of the world's leading seismologists, and has accepted an invitation by the geophysicist Heiner Igel to cooperate with him in the context of his ERC Advanced Grant project "Rotational Motions: A New Observable for Seismology". Kavita Jain will be at CAS upon invitation from Wolfgang Stephan as part of the CAS research focus "Evolutionary Biology". Coming from the field of theoretical physics, she will now apply her knowledge to population genetics. more