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Under the title "UBIAS into Impact: Networking our academics to meet global challenges" the fourth meeting of the Directors of the University Based Institutes for Advanced Studies (UBIAS) took place in Birmingham/UK from the 19th until the 23rd of June 2016. Representatives from 21 nations discussed conceptions, frameworks and the political relevance of their institutes. Some UBIAS, as CAS LMU, were invited to give a presentation of their institute. The meeting was the starting point for various joined projects, in which two or more UBIAS take part. more

The Center for Advanced Studies at LMU Munich (CAS) is offering research stays for the summer semester 2017 as a "Junior Researcher in Residence". The program is particularly aimed at academic staff members and scholarship recipients from the fields of humanities, cultural studies and social sciences at LMU Munich who, within their qualification level, seek a wider university and professional audience on the one hand, and who require optimal conditions for advancing or completing their research projects on the other hand. The status of a Junior Researcher in Residence includes a workspace in the Seestraße building and the use of the extensive resources of CAS. Application deadline is 15 September 2016. more

In this summer semester, two new Research Focuses will commence their work at CAS. "Biology of Genomes" will investigate the transformative impact of the significant conceptual breakthrough of the human genome sequencing project for various scientific disciplines as well as society. The research focus "Writing Prose" will examine the structure and significance of the term "prose" which constitutes what is probably the only example of a rhetorical terminus to have become a central metaphor of modernity. In line with these two new research focuses this year's "Cutting Edge" lecture series includes an evening on the new CRISPR-method that is revolutionizing genome research and another one on the question "What is Prose?". The lecture series also addresses other major new developments in science and scholarship, including two further lectures that will discuss the highly topical issue of security, war and media and the potential of 'global food' to alleviate problems arising from food shortages around the world. more