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Ultrafast Nanocopy: Imaging Structure, Function, and Dynamics of Matter on its Natural Length and Times Scales

Referent: Prof. Dr. Markus Raschke | Moderation: Prof. Dr. Matthias Kling (LMU)

16.10.2017 at 17:15 

What are the advances in multimodal linear, nonlinear, and spatio-temporal nano-imaging for the study of fundamental optical and plasmonic phenomena, coupled single molecule or quantum dynamics, with unprecedented nanometer spatial and femtosecond resolution, sensitivity and precision? Markus Raschke presents several new concepts extending tip-enhanced spectroscopy into the nonlinear and ultrafast regime for nano-scale imaging and spectroscopy of surface molecules and nano-solids.

Markus Raschke is Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado in Boulder, USA, and currently Visiting Fellow at CAS.

Location and Registration

Physik, Schellingstraße 4 // Raum H030, 80799 München
Registration required. If you are interested in participating please contact us: